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Was about to post when I found this... "Yet more scrubbing today... I am off work due to dreaded lurgy and was feeling guilty, I decided to attempt to spring clean the kitchen cupboards. So there I was with my Cillit Bang, not very enviro friendly I know (but it was all I had) scrubbing to my heart's content, when I started feeling even worse so had to call it a day. Even so, I managed a bit, and now have the wrinkly hands to show for it." Must have been from last week.

DS2 was 11 yesterday and parents from hell-we have bought her a cheapie mobile. She starts high school in September and I just feel a bit happier knowing that she can get hold of me if she needs to, bearing in mind she has a 30 min walk to and from school.

I have survived the 'party'. Bowling followed by supper at the nearby Frankie and Benny's (I know, but at least it's not Maccy D's). I'd forgotten how much noise 10 girls can make - surely I wasn't ever that loud?

Update of clearing - well it's still there and I'm still ploughing my way through it all. Many bags of clothing for bootsale/jumble sale/recycling etc. Now have to wade through my paperwork. I feel like just dumping the lot as most stuff is now on disc. In fact I think that's what I'll do - bung it all in the recycle bin... All I can say is that it's a good job they're not charging for rubbish by the weight, lol.

Met Pickles2u and another Emma f'coffee this afternoon, a treat to reward myself for working hard and getting nowhere, lol. Then Pickles and I hit Waitrose and played the 'lets see how smutty we can make food labels' game. I think 'pork ring' scored quite highly...

Then this evening I went shopping on Ebay, oh my god, didn't realise how much time I could waste on there. But most importantly got the curtains I wanted, phew.

I'm exhausted now.. see y'all later. K x


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Feb. 24th, 2007 10:17 pm (UTC)
well done that girlie..
...Karen.. i am trying out the photo's, so dont have a go if its crap..

firstly get well soon.

Good to see you found the pc and lj.
I know you are all busy.
Dump the lot now and not in 20 years time!!
'make space not hoard'
'all we are saying is give space a chance'
Bets wishes G&T xx
Feb. 25th, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
Re: well done that girlie..
I love it - 'give space a chance'!!

Well Mrs wheeler, I did enjoy the F'coffee with your goodself and Emma2! I loved our visit to Waitrose (haven't been on a friday before since loss of Jenneess, we used to meet up there a lot and make all sorts of rude comments. Her favourite thing to do in Waitrose to me, was to go down the medical-type aisle, pick up a pack of Caneston or Anusol and throw it in my trolley and announce to the whole of Chichester "I've found your vag cream Emma!"..)

I tried to do the same to you Karen and failed as I couldn't find the bloody stuff. I'm sure miss_jen was conspiring against me to even to attempt to be as funny as her - and she was having none of it!!
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