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Harry Potter!

Well, we did it!

Last night 11.00pm I started queuing with DD1 (& boyfriend), DD2 and Pickles2u, full of excitement for HP7! It only took us 1 1/2 hours to get to the actual desk to collect our reserved copies. In the meantime I had a little chat with some girls who were trying to queue jump, pointing out that my 11yr old was patiently waiting and maybe they could learn some manners from her... (Very restrained, considering I had been in the pub since 6.30pm celebrating more of my 'birth month')
We finally got home about 1.15am this morning and I managed to only read for 30mins, as we are attempting our house move this weekend, so I knew I needed to be a bit sensible to help load furniture.
Most of the big stuff has now left - cooker, wardrobes, children's beds... Oddly enough the house doesn't seem any emptier, maybe I did have too much stuff after all...

Will post Harry Potter photos when I've got them from my phone.

K x

p.s. Very special birthday pressie from a work colleague - Personalised birthday greeting from Robbie McEwen (Winner of Stage 1 of Tour de France, I know I'm soooo sad!)