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one year on... a bit sad :o(

Well, I thought that being as busy as I possibly could this week may have helped...It didn't!
Can't believe that a whole year has gone by. On the one hand it all seems a life time ago and on the other it still seems like yesterday.
Tonight is the first time I have stopped and let myself think about miss_jen. Not that I didn't want to, just couldn't.
It's still the little things that get me, she so would have understood my DD1 calling her goldfish Marsole, Mufasa (cos he looks like him), Clive and Marigold; and been equally devastated as they have all (but Marsole)gone to that big fish pond in the sky...
In her honour on Saturday night I got rather tipsy and sang Karaoke very badly, then partook of the 'Chocfest' that was the childminder social meeting a couple of days later - Sara - 'backinthegarden' managed to squeeze more in than me though!
Fortunately G&T put up with me turning up on the door step f'coffee whenever they are in the uk, and I usually manage to catch up with Jen's sisters and delightful niece whilst there. So it's sort of 'business as usual', but of course it's not...
So Jen, keep sending the dragonflys and I'll keep on stalking hot boys and worshipping at the divine altar of cakedom.
K x