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Hey everyone. I can't believe how long it is since I last posted. I'm not supposed to be on here now as I'm in the midst of sorting through clothes and stuff to get ready for selling our house. I've managed a couple of trips to the tip tho so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I've also got the stinky cold that's going round so feeling very sorry for myself(well no one else is, lol).

Thinking about it I've also managed to scrub my (tiled) bathroom walls - Goddammit I've been very industrious!

DH is also being very busy rubbing down and painting, I forgot how tedious that is, I can't think who has the better or worse deal, me or him! It will all be worth it in the long run I know, but at the moment I can't see the light at the light at the end of the tunnel.

bye for now

k x


Christmas is a-coming

Took the girls to visit the Christmas House this evening, sadly DS1 was a bit too poorly to come, but we're hopeful he will be ok tomorrow for a visit.

Well, I knew it wouldn't be easy and my goodness it wasn't; many memories came flooding back, and not just for me...

The house and garden are even better this year and you can go inside for a visit too - although we were a bit late for that. Just so many lights and they have even put a little bucket with chocolate santa lollies for all the children who visit :o). Jen would have loved it, in fact I'm sure she is watching over it and delighting in the sparklyness of it all.

I am posting some pics on my flickr site if any one wants a peek...


Karen xxx


Hello world!

Well for the past few weeks I have been nursing my poorly DD1 - who has been smitten (or should that be smote) with glandular fever... Ho hum that'll teach her to go kissing boys, yuk! Hence I have been knacked and not posting for a while. Dd1 has now passed this to Dd2 in the form of tonsillitis, and then today I have been called to school to collect Dd1 as she as unwell (told her she wasn't ready to return....

Roll on Thursday-it's my last day at work and I'm meeting pickles2u f'coffee and/or shopping.

Want to add a big welcome to my buddy Sara appearing as Backinthegarden.
Hi all.

Thought I would post my TD experience.

Apart from the fact I really like Jack Black,which makes it worth seeing, I loved it to pieces. The humour is so very childish (just like mine)- and the absolute songness of it all - ROCK!!! And then there was the little bit at the end when I thought they were going to break out into 'Tribute'.
AND then the bit at the very very end when they were using the horn as a pipe-lol.

Hey Jen, I hope you enjoyed it too!!!

K xxx

Life...sucks sometimes!

Well it's been hectic since my last post:

Firstly a new hairdo (well just a good cut really) and without any additional friends - the smelly stuff worked!

We then had granddad's funeral and 'wake' on Friday, very sad and stressful not least because of certain family members being obnoxious (no I don't mean DH-lol).

The highlight of the weekend - Tenacious D along with pickles2u (and N) and magic pumpkin. A lovely evening, but also poignant as our beloved Miss Jen was not sitting alongside us (although we are convinced that spiritually she was with us...)

DS1 is being painful again, behaving very irresponsibly regarding her phone and staying in touch with us, and not doing her chores, which ended in her being grounded for this week.

Finally, college have messed up my wages - I have been doing extra hours since the beginning of November and they haven't been paid and may not even appear in December's wages grrr!!!!!

Hey ho, at least my hair looks good!


Hi all

I'm sitting here at my computer with a very smelly head... Guess who I found waving at me from my small person's head. Yes you've guessed it, Mr Head louse :o( As I have a bit of a phobia about these AND mainly cos I'm having my haircut tomorrow I am now sitting here with my head covered in a combination of tea tree oil and conditioner, until I get really high from the fumes, then I will attempt to rinse off in the shower. (without getting it in my eyes cos then it really stings)
I hope my hairdresser appreciates all of this...


Vive La France

He haw, he haw, he haw (in a bad French accent).

Today was spent enjoying the glorious weather at the Chichester Craft and Christmas market. Loads of Peeps from the French markets came so there was a resounding aroma of merguez (spicy French sausages - just in case you weren't aware) and freshly baked French bread. Yes they brought their ovens with them and baked on the spot - beautiful!
After lots of browsing I settled upon some wooden Christmas decorations to add to my collection - I usually buy a couple each year and as you can guess my Christmas tree is expanding with the need for more branches to hang stuff off!

DD1 is still being painful, but I am trying to cut her some slack after all the crap we've faced recently, at present she is in her room sorting it out, so I'm not complaining... Although I did threaten with removal of allowance so I know I've found her weak spot, LOL.

Hi Trevor, if you manage to find ,me :o)


Tea and cake (well coffee actually)

Met up with Emma (Pickles2u) this afternoon for a 'Ginger spiced Latte' and a 'pimp my shortbread'. Emma had a hotty choccy and Christmas slice. 31/2 hours later we were asked to leave as Costa were closing, oops!

We had a great time (well I did, Emma said she did and I'm sure she wasn't just being polite...) reminiscing, laughing, being sad and generally putting the world to rights. Although I do think the other customers got a bit worried when we were exploring the new wind up torches I bought for my two youngest for Christmas - humming and flashing lights anyone???

Thank you Emma :o)


hi everyone, been playing with photos (for that read learning how to upload and down size...).
I'm not sure which one looks more like me...

More sadness

Well, Planetwheeler has now experienced more heartache... My father-in-law passed away this afternoon.
I don't know how much more heartache we can face. As a family we are still reeling from the loss of Miss Jen and now losing 'grandad' too. When will it end?

K x